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Without a doubt our handsome and brave German Shepherd has been accolade several times for his guts and enduring nature. He is also known to be as a police dog, a military dog and even a faithful guard dog as well. But the German Shepherd does more than a 9-5 routine than you can ever think of. In America alone, the breed is known to be one of the sweethearts everyone wants to have around.  For family life, the breed is a true and a wonderful companion. They are good herders and love competing at the drop of a hat with other dogs around. Contrary to the popular belief, the German Shepherd is a very friendly, approachable and fearless dog, he can be very direct and upfront with you as well. The breed is known by his physically strong muscled body, and is found mostly in two colors, tan and black.

Do you want to keep a German Shepherd?

German Shepherd walkingIf you love to have fun with dogs and are ready to spend a lot of time and energy with them, the German Shepherd is surely the right one for you. The breed is known to be very friendly with kids and when he establishes a bonding with young ones at home, he ensures he is faithful and loyal to them. In addition to that, the German Shepherd makes a very good guard dog as well and hence most families across the world prefer having him as a member of the house. But the German Shepherd needs to be exercises and groomed almost everyday, after all he needs to keep himself fit and good looking at all times.

It’s the looks that matter

At first look the German Shepherd portrays a very agile, muscular and strong characteristics. He is full of life and can be very alert to even the dropping of a pin. His hind and forequarters are well developed and balanced equally, in harmony with one another. The length of the German Shepherd is more than his height, if you notice closely. The body is deep, and he has angled smooth curves. This is why when you look at a German Shepherd you may feel he is in motion at all times when actually he is not. There isn’t an iota of clumsiness shown on the dog’s physical characteristics, he doesn’t look soft and you can attribute that to the way his muscled body is built.

There is a certain aura of nobility and dignity, which you cannot ignore on the German Shepherd’s behavior. His secondary sex characteristics are strongly defined, and it is said the gender of the dog is very well shown off to the world by the behavior of the German Shepherd.

Fearless temperament

The personality of a German Shepherd is of fearless nature and upfront attitude. However, don’t mistake that for being hostile. This is just a way the German Shepherd wants to tell you he is confident about himself. He would be a quiet observant watching others around when new friendships are being made, and he is approachable and willing at the same time to make new friends too. However, when the situation demands his senses would put him on alert and he would be eager and very fit to serve your needs at the drop of a hat. When you handle a German Shepherd, you should be more confident that the dog himself, a little sense of nervousness sniffed out of you and he would not be the dog you want him to be.