German Shepherd Facts

We would like to speak to you about certain German shepherd facts so that you get well acquainted with the breed before you bring one home. Undoubtedly German Shepherds are one of the most popular and loved dog breeds in the world. These dogs are large and very powerful, loyal and faithful as well.  They make good pets and are very good with the children at home.  German Shepherds can be trained to protect the house. Please find below a list of German shepherd facts

The amazing size and colour of the GSD

German Shepherds are one of the best large breed of dogs in the world. Their coats are usually come in different colours, namely tan, red and black, and full black, along with that you even have white GSD’s too. The length of a German Shepherd is between 22” and 26” in length and their height is nearly 25 inches. Their weight varies between 48 pounds and 88pounds.

The aggression and intelligence facts of German Shepherds

German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. They are usually bred because of their high intelligence level. According to sources, German shepherds are ranked as the third most intelligent species of dogs. They are very aggressive and are a breed that has a tendency of biting people; however this form of aggression does not affect the owner or his family.

Loyalty of the GSD

German Shepherds dogs you can trust. They are very loyal and sensitive, loving to the owner as well as children. Sometimes they are very possessive. But if a stranger enters the house, they become very aggressive, hence getting the GSD socialised from the time he is a pup is important.

Facts about the German Shepherds health and life span

A German Shepherd’s life span is anywhere between 7years to 10 years.  The breed has large ears because of which they suffer from ear infections. Another health issues with GSD’s would be arthritis and hip issues. This leads to disablement and sometimes paralysis. Otherwise if they are looked after well then the GSD will prove its abilities to the owner and his family.

Facts about the GSD’s career and jobs

The Germans under the regime of Hitler used GSD’s in their warfare. Nowadays the breed is used as working dogs and is employed in the Military to track enemies down. They even sniff out mines in combat areas as well. Police Forces all over the world use these dogs to solve murder cases and sniffing out drug carriers across all airports in the world.  Some GSDs are also used as security dogs and because of their sharp nostrils; the dogs are used for emergency tasks, such as rescuing people from earthquake affected places.

Facts about the GSD’s colour variations

German Shepherds have a double coat on their bodies. The coat under their belly consists of short hair that usually does not shed. While the outer coat has short or medium hair that sheds regularly .Some breed of German Shepherds possess long hair but such are rare to be found around

In conclusion

We hope now you have understood everything you needed to know about the German Shepherd Dog. If you are planning to get a GSD for your home, adopting from a rescue centre would be a better option any day than buying a GSD pup. The German shepherd facts have been compiled after thorough background homework and check for the same. We hope this comprehensive study gives you an insight into the intensity and the character of the GSD breed at large.

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