German Shepherd Puppies

Today we would like to talk to you at length about German shepherd puppies. Please read on and be well informed before you buy or adopt one, the latter is always advisable. German Shepherd Dogs are very intelligent and faithful. If you are interested in picking up a puppy, all you have to do is to go to a reputable breeder for one.

Before bringing the German shepherd puppy home

Make all necessary arrangements before adopting or bringing home one of the German shepherd puppies. This is because the pup is now going to be a part of your family. And this pup would grow up to live with you for a decade or more.

Socializing the GSD pup is a must

It depends on how you socialize and train the pup, which in the long run would make it a friendly dog or an aggressive one. Remember, buying German shepherd puppies from a good breeder has many advantages because you can always be in touch with them. Moreover the amount you invested on the dog will save you from spending more on Vets in future.

Check the family history and background of the German Shepherd puppy?

Most German Shepherd owners know that these dogs can be very temperamental, so it is necessary to have thorough knowledge of their family history and background. The reason is because German shepherd puppies should be competent in learning all the skills, so that you can train him for work, herding, or keep him as a companion or a watchdog.

Before you procure a German Shepherd puppy, think it through

German shepherd puppies should always be bought from reliable breeders, Rescue Homes or Animal Shelters of repute. Search for a breeder who is not interested in selling his puppy but wants a good home for his pups. There are many breeders who just want to dump puppies to any buyer. Your duty is to contact the breeder who wants to sell his puppies to a good home.

Do Breeders offer guarantees on German shepherd puppies?

The Breeder before selling the puppy will show you the parents of the pup along with others in the litter. A reputed breeder would also you the Registration Papers and Pedigree Certificate of the German shepherd puppies.

Health Report of the puppy

Before taking the puppy home, you should find out from the breeder whether the parents of the German shepherd puppies are “OFA Certified” or “AKC Registered”. Ask for prove of certification if need be. Usually reputable German Breeders will place all these documents in front without you asking. Take a close look at the puppy and note his weight. Check the nose, ears and eyes and see whether there are any scratches or marks on the coat of the puppy. See whether it has been kept in a clean environment. Also see whether the puppy is of a friendly nature and socializes easily or not. After going through all of this take the puppy to your Vet within 48 hours. So folks, if you are planning to adopt German shepherd puppies in future, you now know what you should do!!

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