German Shepherd Training

German shepherd training is important because this is one breed who loves to be in control.  Hence it is your duty to show your dog that you are his master, so that he obeys your commands. Besides intelligence German Shepherds are famous for their loyalty and faithfulness. And in addition to that full security of your house will be taken care of by your pet. There are certain rules to know and follow for you as his trainer while the training is on. Remember the German shepherd dog sees you not only as a master but on emotional terms as a parent figure as well, so be calm and steady while training your boy, just as you would do with human kids around.

Tips on German shepherd training

  1. Devote more time for your German Shepherd while training him. This has to be done regularly and your command should be clear and loud, not harsh or he wouldn’t learn. Most owners do not heed to this and the dog becomes a slow learner. You must know that dogs have a very short memory span in the initial years, and you should regularly try to discipline the dog. While German shepherd training is on maintain a regular time-table and stick to it.
  2. If your dog at first does not listen to your command, don’t worry. German Shepherds are in the habit of doing this to test your patience. And when you start commanding it regularly with ease and patience, the dog will start obeying you. There is a saying that German Shepherds are thick skinned while German shepherd training is on and by now you will be in a position to recognize it.
  3. German shepherd dogs are usually very sly and quietly watch on what you do or say. You should try to keep your dog under control. Never ill-treat him or show disrespect, rather show him who the daddy at home is. But sometimes you have to discipline your dog by keeping a rolled paper in your hand. This breed is conditioned to seek an alpha dog, which were originally in hunting groups. You now have to take the place of an alpha dog while German shepherd training is on.
  4. Never try to discipline the German shepherd dog pup by slapping or striking him with a belt. There should be no physical abuse while training your puppy. Only verbal command is necessary and it should be done in such a manner that the puppy can recognize whether you are in a good mood or not, this is how he would adhere to behavioral skills of German shepherd training.

Do this

While German shepherd training is on and when the dog obeys your commands, you should reward the puppy by offering him a dog biscuit. In this way the puppy will obey all your commands and expect a reward. But rewarding always isn’t right, however praises and doses of warm love and affection will make him happier. Finally, take your puppy for long walks and make him socialize with other dog from a young age. If you do not allow it to make friends with other dogs then it will become very isolated and over protective in front of others. You should allow your dog to move around and socialize with all your friends and relatives as well. In this way your German Shepherd will not be ferocious but a friendly dog loved by all. So folks, we hope to have made you understand the ways you should conduct German shepherd training. All the best with your new pup at home and may he have a wonderful life growing up safe and sound with you.

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